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Originally Posted by autobroker View Post
@autobroker If you're truly in the market for a Coupe that ia a daily driver 30 K is a market price.


The red '74 looks like a daily driver and $21K is less than $30K. The one that sold on BAT was questionable and I felt that $31K was excessive. Based on the photos and info I've found, I wouldn't purchase either the red one nor the Silver one, but if I had to choose, pick the red one and keep $10 for repairs. I could be completely wrong about this as I haven't seen either one in person + there are very few pictures of the red one. For all I know, it could have been in a bad accident, have frame damage, have bad rust, have a bad motor or tranny, etc.

I only quote your last post because I'm hoping that you really do not have any delusions about the $21K car that you have linked to. I see way more issues with limited and really poor photos than even that last BaT car that you put a bid on. Now a days these less than $20K cars that look like they have potential will likely cost double that to bring them up to your "$30K driver quality" that you reference. Decent quality GTVs have, in the last year, left the station as far as being sub $30K cars. Perhaps the market will once again deflate and, then again, maybe not. Please do not assume too much from any sub $35K or $40K car advertisement that you see that isn't well documented and thoroughly presented if you can't inspect it in person. Good luck with your Alfa GTV search.

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