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Input on Centerline Springs, Koni Reds & OEM Swaybars

I am planning a new suspension for my 74 GTV. I am looking for something that is "better" than stock, but something that is tried & true by many. My requirements: nice street performance, reasonable ride, ride height that won't scrape my sump guard on street dips and a reliably "good stance" without a bunch of spring spacer trial and error.

I've read through a fair number of threads...seems to get complex quickly with spring coil counts, rebound rates, etc. I just want something tried and true that I can install and be happy without a lot of tinkering. I'll be running 65 or 60 profile tires.

To that end it seems a pretty standard setup is:
  • Centerline springs
  • Koni Reds in front
  • Koni Yellow in back
  • OEM sway bars

Is anyone running this suspension? Do you think it meets my criteria above?


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