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In engines built for the Motronic FI system with the large diameter BC intake that exhaust cam is a much better exhaust lobe design and the one I suggest using with the likes of the 10548 cam, and mild aftermarket cams on the intake.
This is good to know. Something I always like about these discussions is that they generally produce additional useful information. And the more good information we can have the better. The Alfabb is a genuinely unique resource in that regard. I've never encountered anything comparable to it.

I posted my comments because our cam choice was an expedient, the result of me deciding that I didn't want to take the time to notch the cam follower bores so I could run my 12mm Delta cam. The results were so surprisingly good---much better than I was expecting---that I thought I would add a factoid on cam choice to the BB's knowledge base. Using asymmetrical cams remains something of a black art and so I think it's fun to accidentally stumble across something that works. Is this the best combination? Nope. And I don't think it makes the hp of the Delta A474 12mm cam/Centerline 11.1mm combination which will go on the new head I intend to build. That said, I posted my comments because the combination works real good. If you have a stock Spica cam to use, the Centerline 11.1mm cam sells for $229US. That's a cheap entry fee for the kind of performance improvement you'll get.

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