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Originally Posted by ossodiseppia View Post
Folks, resistors are not necessary for these LEDs to work on our vintage Alfas. These LEDs do not pull enough current to sufficiently heat the spring element in a thermal flasher. This resistor "fix" is meant for newer cars that experience hyper-flashing.

All you need do is swap the flasher unit for a modern one. This is less time consuming and cheaper. I bought the one in the picture below from Amazon for $10. It has a small adjustment screw (grey colored) which can be turned to control the rate of flashing. The only issue I have with this flasher is that it is silent. You can find a similar product that will emit a clicking sound much like a conventional thermal flasher.

Using the LEDs without resistors will reduce the amperage consumption and the wire harness will appreciate the break.
Will this flasher work on a 69 roundtail? I recently bought leds all around and the stop and rear signals work but the front signals don't flash...also what are the leds for the front parking lights? I ordered what I thought were correct but they too small.

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