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Originally Posted by kengta View Post
Alfaholics is using the term shallow arch for the late chassis 68-77. See

and have a look at their rear fender offerings discriptions.

I assume they are measuring from the fender line or beltline down to the wheel arch. So Shallow would be a short distance (as in late chassis) and deep would be a greater distance as in the early chassis.

Classic Alfa uses one of the other terms mentioned in this thread. High and low.

hello ken

saw the link... thanks. its stupid isnt it? :-)

i think they meant "shallow" meaning the depth of the draw in the inner wheel arches which has less volume than the earlier cars which are deeper. to avoid confusion, its should be called wheel housing (industry term), wheel wells or tubs as the hot rodder's call em here in america.

the later higher arch cars require a smaller wheel well hence their term "shallow". this contradicts and adds confusion to larger later arches. to combine "shallow" to the higher, taller arc of the wheel arches lays the problem for the mix up imho. after all we do in turn ID these wheel arches and cars by looking at the external body work or do stick our heads into the wheel wells?

classica afla clarifies it. simple and concise... the way it should be.


PS, is it my imagination or are the alfaholics prices astronomical these days? its been a long while since i purchase anything from them
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