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1. My 1st Alfa was a 1991 black pristine 164S bought in 1993 with 19,000 miles. I totalled it at 167, ice
2. Was a red 1991 164S. I bought it with a blown motor, rebuilt the motor, front and rear suspension. I've put about 55,000 on it.
3. Was a 1991 164B. I paid $840 drove it home. I put a clutch and exhaust on it. It was my beater daily driver for about 3 years. It was totalled by a hit and run. I probably put 10,000 on it
4. A black 1991 164S. Paid $1,000 and drove it home with no 2nd gear. Replaced the dog gear. It went to Canada where my son used it for a year or 2. He moved and I bought it back. We've put 20,000 on it.
5. A black 1991 164L I got in Seattle for free from a guy who got it as a parts car. It's mostly still intact. I haven't looked at it to see what would be involved in it resurrection. I towed it from Seattle home ...100 miles. Does that count?

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