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Originally Posted by DanB View Post
We're not talking about motorsports. Ultimate performance has no bearing on a street car; unless you're one of those twats that does 40 rolls on the highway.

What's important is all the little things that make your grocery getter more fun to drive on a daily basis. For many of us having a manual transmission is a significant one.

For what it's worth, my favorite car to drive on the track has a DCT so I "get" the performance side of it. My daily drivers have manuals, which makes mundane driving much more engaging.
I understand that. Yes on those twats! I agree with you 100%. For me the manual is choice. The giulia for me is not mundane at all. But that's my own opinion which means squat. If anyone here cannot have fun driving to the grocery store in this thing then don't buy one (yes it is clear your not). Plain and simple. No point in debating a car that none of you own that has no manual that you want? lol Even if it did, as mentioned we are debating a car with BBW and DBW that should have a manual. If Alfa were smart they'd offer a limited edition with manuals for those who want one. You know, the automatic is great though, you can mess with the infotainment system more without too much distraction playing your digital MP3 music! hahaha Oh and btw a lot of the industry does look at motorsports for mainstream production hence the use of this transmission and paddle shifters, BBW and DBW which was all used in motorsports.

I suppose with new technology we need to re-learn to drive. Lucky for the guys who learned to drive a manual (myself included) we have to learn to drive this kind of vehicle because at some point there will be no option for anything else...maybe...!? I suppose this is a "different" skill if that is the right word? I want a manual but there is none to be had unless I figure a way later to install one from a EU car.

I want hydraulic brakes as well and drive by actual wire but that's impossible too. I also want a CD player in my car because all the electronics are too much for me but that's not doable either. So what to do? Buy a older car. But I also want a new car. Dilemma city! My 164 for example had all that. But that was not the car to take the family on a long trip anymore in my opinion (becoming more unreliable) and had confidence to make it there and back without something to repair. I got tired of that.

So a car that is solid with a warranty and unfortunately without a manual is not the end of the world but hey it has an Alfa logo on it. I also enjoy driving it. More time with the car the more I learn how to drive this type of car.

I think there will always be folks who think new alfa's since the 164 are not alfa's. Maybe so. But is that not nostalgia in many ways? Anyway, that's all I have to say about it.

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