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Originally Posted by Alfissimo Int. View Post
Over on the giulia forum I think this guy makes a solid point.

"Manuals used to be for performance oriented people who wanted the control and better performance afforded but by the manual because the autos were power sapping and too dumb to know when and where to shift correctly all the time. Then semi-autos came out and put all those issues to rest by being faster than any human could shift and still giving you control. Motorsports, where nostalgia is often anathema and weakness, moved right into the semi-auto train...
We're not talking about motorsports. Ultimate performance has no bearing on a street car; unless you're one of those twats that does 40 rolls on the highway.

What's important is all the little things that make your grocery getter more fun to drive on a daily basis. For many of us having a manual transmission is a significant one.

For what it's worth, my favorite car to drive on the track has a DCT so I "get" the performance side of it. My daily drivers have manuals, which makes mundane driving much more engaging.
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