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Over on the giulia forum I think this guy makes a solid point.

"Manuals used to be for performance oriented people who wanted the control and better performance afforded but by the manual because the autos were power sapping and too dumb to know when and where to shift correctly all the time. Then semi-autos came out and put all those issues to rest by being faster than any human could shift and still giving you control. Motorsports, where nostalgia is often anathema and weakness, moved right into the semi-auto train. Now in modern cars where the automatics have gotten increasingly more effiecent, smart and fast all the performance advantages of manuals has evaporated essentially leaving nostalgia as the main reason to like he autos. Well maybe also the undefinable feel people like in them, I do too, but unless I’m buying a car as a weekend toy I don’t really want to live with a manual day to day either." ~JerryNY

I tend to agree for the most part but I would still get a manual if available over the auto for nostalgic reasons we all discussed. I will also say that the auto is great in traffic which is what I believe most of us drive in on a daily basis. Plus the fact that we are debating manuals with BBW/DBW systems seems off a little too. Like I said before, keep your analog cars if that is what you want because there won't be anymore of those unless Alfa becomes the company it use to be which is doubtful, it's all about selling cars now. The digital cars and thus this Giulia are still fantastic cars but nothing like analog. I can't say for others. Nice to have a new Alfa though. Now on to find a 105 giulia!

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