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Michael, you clearly don’t get why we prefer a manual. That’s fine, or rather it would be if you didn’t continuously tell us we’re flat out wrong (which you’re doing less now). You seem to favor technical ability over physical interaction with the car. If an automatic changes gear more efficiently, you prefer it.

I GREATLY prefer the feel of a good hydraulic steering rack to ANY electrically assisted system. If Alfa gave me the choice of having a straight hydraulic brake system — without the electronic interpretation — I’d be thrilled. As it is, I think it works well EXCEPT at low speeds, as you are nearly stopped. At that point, it starts varying the braking, which makes it almost impossible to come to a completely smooth stop. I HATE that.

But... you wonder why we’re not screaming about the EPAS and the electronic brakes like we are about wanting a manual ‘box. Here’s my theory: With the steering and the brakes, you do the same as before — you turn the steering wheel and you step on the brake pedal. The feel of those controls isn’t as good as it used to be, but you do the same thing. With the gearbox, what you do is very different. What you do with a manual gearbox is much more fun than the very best automatic there is. Or ever will be.

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