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Originally Posted by kengta View Post
What about over all diameter and grip diameter. ARGTAreg suggested, in another thread, that the AD wheel as shown was 354 mm. Some Jacky I say 360 mm.


Iím not sure, some momoís arenít pure round circles and some have extended thumbs and hand grips. Many times they arenít so specific and round it off the nearest 10 or 5mms.

Difficult to say other than the old momo catalogues that says specially were they are measured. they used to show the section of the rim as well. Most folks assume the are just round but they arenít all round. So the size and SHAPE of the section which is often overlooked plays a roll in how they feel even though they share the same frame.

I have 2 or 3 of these armatures. Thinnest version is the ferrari one off my old 308 Gt4 (not 308 or boxer) of this frame. Its quite a bit thinner than the a mid year prototipo which is again thinner than a ickx but itís 356...6mm overall diameter larger than my middie protoptio at 350 or the other 3 spoke at 348mm with the thickest section.

My gtv is in storage which has a black spoke version but Iím thinking itís near ickx thickness.

I am actually more interested in the earlier leather ones without the slight dish as in the pic. I see the on period photos on the 33ís, stradales gtam, and gtam-jís than have the small black Gta horn button.

Is it a possibility that some of these factory AD cars may have been retrofitted with later type dished wheels adapted to the seven hole hubs afterwards that once had flat spokes momoís ? I see pics of targa florio circa 72-76 that have wheels similar to your picture.

Were is that expert markgtv when u need him? :-).
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