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Thanks for sharing that clip Jim. It’s beautiful. What a stunning sounding guitar she is playing too. Making music is my other passion aside from cars.

I think there will be plenty of people maintaining interest in old cars in future. My 26 year old son for one. Look at the number of steam trains being restored and even built from scratch in the case of the two in England. There are heaps of warbirds, like Spitfires, being restored. In New Zealand they build WWW1 aircraft from scratch as well as WW2 stuff, like the two Mosquitoes. Here in South Australia there is massive interest in old cars. We have an annual run from the city to the motor museum in the hills that attracts more than one thousand classic vehicles one year and a similar number of veteran and vintage cars the next. My brother takes his 67 Mustang on summer cruises organised by his brother in law, that attracts around 400 American cars. We also have steam trains, traction engines, machines and paddle steamers here. There will always be people who like hands on old school stuff.

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