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So, who will be interested in our kinds of cars in the coming years? Will anybody in the younger generation appreciate the seductive sound of an old Alfa running on Webers enough to actually learn about, own, drive and---be still my heart---actually work on them? For that to happen we're going to need a small subset of the larger population who will "get" the unique esthetics that attracted us to old Alfas. Happily, if you look at the numbers of 20 somethings who are avid classical guitarists or, perhaps even better, who are avidly learning about and participating in early music, I think you'll find groups of people who might very well find old Alfas charming and interesting enough to become as involved with GTV's, Supers, and Spiders as they are lutes and unamplified guitars. Maybe. . . . There's just enough possibility for this to hapen, that I cautiously maintain hope.

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