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Three Updates:

1 - An Alfa Romeo USA customer service rep said that I could import a new, 2019 manual transmission, Giulia Quadrifoglio very simply. All I needed to do was to:

- Get a "letter of compliance" from an automobile broker in my particular state
- Fly to Italy with the letter
- Buy a new 2019, manual trans, Giulia Quadrifoglio from a dealer
- Ship the car home

That was an exciting plan! Obviously, this person was misinformed.

2 - Another of Alfa Romeo USA's customer service people said that cars produced only for the European market could not be imported due to import restrictions. He sent me a long letter, discussing the fact that the "United States has four federal agencies that regulate the importation of vehicles." Basically no way to do it, he said.

3 - I contacted two different international automobile brokers whose specialty is importing specific individual foreign cars for people who hire them to do so. Both told me that they could not do it.

With all of this conflicting info, it's Interesting that JoeCab says that the 2017 was the last model year anyway. Given that their customer service not even sure what the company is producing, and importers unable to help, it looks like all avenues have been exhausted.

Articles like this make the news especially hard to bear. This lucky fellow drove one, apparently a 2017 model. I wonder how many sales have been lost. Not able to post the URL since I am new to the board:

Road and Track Article: "I Drove the Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio With a Manual and It's Everything You Want It to Be"

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