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Originally Posted by DanB View Post
Originally Posted by HuckleberryAlfa View Post
Can anyone recommend an automobile broker who could help me?
A broker isn't going to be able to help you unless the manual QV has been certified to be sold here; which I don't think it was.

What is in the realm of possibility is to have a foreign national friend who owns a manual QV come visit you, and import their car on a temporary basis. Unfortunately your friend will abandon his car in your garage and you'll be forced to put a lien on it. Even after you own the car, you might have issues registering it, but then you'll at least have all the parts required to swap a US VIN'ed car.

How committed are you to getting a manual QV? <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Big Grin" class="inlineimg" />
If you want to do a swap, I would imagine a European Alfa dealership could order all of the necessary parts. The tricky part would be ECU programming to accept the manual.

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