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Originally Posted by alfa2go View Post
Interesting comparison... that only takes into account rarity and to me is where the collector market is warped, such as the early number plates in Australia. Why?!!

My value is based on the first edition principle as well as original design factor. Kombi, E-type, etc. So I believe there are others that agree with me...
I understand what you are saying and of course I respect your value method and those who agree with you.
But you have to give collectors a bit more credit for the items they buy and why they buy them. Some collectors don't adhere to social and cultural trends of today or those of the past, some of which you mentioned, like first edition 'stamp collecting principles' applied to items like cars, etc..
Do you think the 1600GTj will sell for $250k in 3 years? No way you would say!
What would the collector think? If it does they have doubled the value of their investment, but that may be a side benefit, as it may not be the reason the collector purchased the car in the first place.

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