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Originally Posted by PSk View Post
This thread is about a smooth nosed 1600GTj, not a step front.
I would imagine that a relatively original smooth nosed 1600 is a pretty rare car now as most would have been cut up to support the restorations of others and/or turned in to 2 litre race cars and bounced off many walls. If I bought this car, I would remove the unnecessary hoon parts and return it to a very tidy original 1600GTj. The modifications reduced the price IMO, especially because it still has a slow sized engine.
Pete is correct, as mentioned these cars have culturally not been favored as desirable and thus have been cut up, ..
Just tally up how many used spare body parts you purchased over the years, each one of those came from a car that does not exist any more!
So now you want a 105, guess what? there are fewer GT1600 (and 1300 GTj smooth nose cars:I have one of the few listed RHD cars in 105 register) making them extremely rare! May be fewer that the 1750's and 2L and others. There are 15 1600GTJ RHD listed in the 105 register and 4 are in Australia.

If you are paying $120k you want something that works, reliable, looks good, stylish, cool, and wait for it, no one else has one, at least in that colour as there are only a couple left in Australia! (I did point this out previously with reference to my 1300GTj in a public forum, obviously some one was listening and did their home work before buying the 1600GTj!)

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