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I know I'm talking to an audience of one, but I thought I would add that is amazing how the transition from crusty to solid "as new" lines occurs on the car. It's very abrupt and easy to see. I'll post some pics. It's also amazing how PO's will change out calipers and over look the flex lines and even the associated adjacent hard line that is awful and they are paying reputable shops to do it. I'm sure the shop points out that fact it should be done but it might cost $300 more in shop labor to do it right and the owner says to skip it.. I can't say how stupid that program is. The car I have is littered with clues this was going on in many functional area s of the car. The PO had a fist full of receipts all right but when I spoke to one shop comments sounded exasperated and like it was a rite of Spring every year to kick the car out the door every year for 7 years and 700 miles along the way and the cycle would start again the next year.
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