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Originally Posted by Max Pershyn View Post
Why do you that Giulia brakes are not good? Is you replacement brakes better than Brembo? If they are better how can you prove it? Can you for instance post the measurements of 100-0 braking distance 10 times in a row of your brakes and stock brakes? What is the stopping distance from 200 or 250 km/h 10 times in a row?
Hi Max, what I typed is still there for you to re-to read, rather than just scan over.

I never said that the "Giulia brakes are not good" - I simply pointed out the excessive leading-edge wear that we are seeing in pads from carbon-ceramic equipped models which are being tracked. I also discussed the known, lower cold / street performance of carbon-ceramic brakes versus well-engineered iron rotors and appropriately-selected pads. My post(s) also discuss the significant cost advantages of replacing the GiroDisc rings as they wear - and storing the carbon brakes until the vehicle is sold.

Unless cost is not a factor for you - in which case you are in a very rare 1% category of Alfa owners.

Am I getting sucked into the classic "Alfa engineers know best" argument, or am I simply bumping up against another "Brembo is the best in the world" perception here...? Besides, we are not replacing the Brembo calipers - only the hats, rotors, pads and floating hardware.

Anyway, based on our past experience with GiroDisc products on many other cars these past 15+ years, it will be easy to improve on the brakes in the base 4-cylinder Giulias. The co-cast "base" rotors on the Q-models are quite amazing though and the cost is significantly lower than the top of the line CCM brakes on the Q models, so we have focused our efforts on a replacement option for the top-top CCM-optioned cars as a first release.

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