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One of the greatest advantages to GiroDisc performance brake solutions - especially for performance models equipped with carbon-ceramic brake options - is cold / street performance and cost. Carbon-ceramic brakes are NOT known for their cold street performance (or for their low cost.) We hear it frequently - the high cost of replacement and the accelerated wear of carbon-ceramic equipped models is staggering!

On the Giulia Quadrifoglios which are tracked, we also see very uneven "tapered" wear patterns to the pads - eroding their safe and serviceable lifespan very quickly! In the Porsche community for example, for years, Group 2 Motorsports has helped owners of PCCB (Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake) optioned cars such as 996 Turbos for example, by removing the PCCBs, the owners placing them into storage and driving the duration of their ownership on the GiroDisc package. At the end of their ownership, the carbon-ceramic brakes are reinstalled and the vehicle is sold with the OEM brake setup installed - or at least - included with the sale of the vehicle.

During ownership (and while operating on the GiroDisc solution), owners of these models report better cold / street performance, equal or better track performance (especially during early cold laps), lower replacement / operating costs, lower wheel dust levels, noise reduction and other benefits. Most significant perhaps is an increase in cold / street performance and cost! When the floating rotor discs wear out, we simply replace them with new rings and floating hardware at a fraction of the cost and the customer is good to go!

Group 2 Motorsports has made a significant investment in GiroDisc inventory and because they are located here in Washington State as well, most items are available same or next day for local installation and same-day for out-of-state shipping!

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