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Originally Posted by jburning17 View Post
Hi All,
Rather than start a new thread, I thought that it would make for better organization to add to this one.
I am going to fit a heat shield from Alfastop to a 750 normale. I could use some picture and information about how the horseshoe bracket should fit to the pedal box. Are there threaded holes in the pedal box or are there through bolts?
I don't have installed parts on a car photos yet, but there are threaded nuts on my 101's bracket to attach the heat shield to it. The peddle box holes are not threaded to receive that bracket, it will need nuts, washers and bolts. Looks like 10mm bolts for it.

Not wanting to give out misinformation, if I'm wrong hopefully someone will chime in to correct or affirm the direction/placement of this bracket, but it lined up for me. I'm just getting started on my first reassembly, so I'm still sorting out where parts go since I didn't take this Spider apart and I don't have a spare original car to help out. I've found not all parts like this are shown in my original parts book, or shop manual sometimes. Hopefully these help.
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