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A lighter flywheel will require you to slip the clutch more from a standing start. Once moving, it will slightly improve engine response to throttle. On a street car I would not bother with it.
Umm, well, no. Having driven thousands of miles in Alfas with lightened flywheels, I can't say as I've ever noticed the need to "slip the clutch at a standing start" due to having a light flywheel. I should add that "light flywheel" doesn't equate with no flywheel in which case you might very well need to slip the clutch a bit.

I've found that fitting a light flywheel to a street driven Alfa can make a significant contribution to the overall driving dynamics/enjoyment of your car. Much, however, depends on how you drive the car. If you're a slow driving, mainly using your Alfa as a stylish commuting conveyance, then making modifications of just about any kind don't make much sense. On the other hand if you occasionally like to drive fast and hard, you'll definitely enjoy the difference when you fit a light flywheel.

Personally, I don't like lightened stock flywheels. Having driven both aluminum and steel lightened flywheels, currently I'm using an Alfaholics lightweightt steel flywheel. Typical for Alfaholics, it's exceptionally well made and fits perfectly = 13.6 pounds and US$495.

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