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Pertronix into a Marelli S145C anyone?

Test fitted the Pertronix Ignitor 1 and Flamethrower coil purchased from Classic Alfa into the Marelli S145C distributor on my 1974 2000 GTV. Prior to replacing the points with the Pertronix Ignitor I fitted a new cap and rotor, new leads and new spark plugs, set the timing at max advance at 4600rpm and made sure the mixture screws, carburettor balance and idle setting were as good as I could get them. The engine started after a few cranks from cold without misfire and revved well.

I fitted the Pertronix Ignitor without taking the distributor out using the fitting guide for the large distribution cam setting, removed the ballast resistor and fitted the Flamethrower coil. I also checked the static timing following the recommended procedure and thought all would be good as the test light on the negative coil terminal read 12.8V.

Unfortunately the engine cranks and cranks but I donít get ignition. Iím getting what looks like an OK spark and double checked the rotor position and static timing and all looks in order.

Reading the FAQs and online forums, people have made mention of a distributor ground wire but not specifically for the Marelli distributor. Attached is the points and condenser setup I removed. Wondering if Iíve overlooked something? Has anyone else fitted a Pertronix Ignitor 1 to this model Marelli distributor?
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