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Max Pershyn
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Originally Posted by Sketchl View Post
Ciao Max, I personally couldnít care about the numbers as humans are inherently going to opt for the easy auto option.

Iíve been drawn to the new Giulia now thereís a few more on the road so took a Veloce Q2 out for a test drive to get over my auto phobia and try and enjoy the car as it comes. Unfortunately, Iím not prepared to sacrifice the third pedal yet as the experience was just frustrating. To be honest the exhaust would be the first thing Iíd change as when in paddle shift mode you canít hear the engine note plus not being able to switch off the driving aids was infuriating. A real shame as I love the look of the new Giulia.
To increase your frustration I can tell you that the engine note comes through central dynamic. Turbocharged cars are very quite because the turbocharger itself mutes almost all exhaust sounds
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