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Just a tease?

When folks really wish to learn more about a specific car, it will be helpful if a specific identity is shared with information supplied by the car itself, along with any history that accompanies it.

This car should have a chassis number, an engine number (from Fiat) and a body number from Pinin Farina. There can be other physical characteristics that will also convey important information. There may also be papers that describe some portion of the ownership history. There are times when this sort of information can be difficult to identify, but generally, someone who really wishes to learn more will actually make an attempt to inform us of what they know rather than try to tease us into speculating needlessly. When something meaningful is shared, then I will make an attempt to respond meaningfully. Until then there are others who are actually sharing meaningful details every day and getting some response in a relatively short time period about cars that are equally interesting.

It really should not be made artificially difficult to attempt any of us to help to learn more or share something about any car? Each car is an individual. Generalities will often be misleading when trying to describe an individual.

Or, maybe the car is already described and this is merely a teasing promo? In that case, good luck to the seller! I have already lost some interest. I am also easily inspired when one shares more than a tease.
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