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Originally Posted by conedriver View Post
I'm with Pete. The keyless ignition is the answer to a question nobody asked and is actually a cost reduction by eliminating the traditional ignition tumbler lock. The same is true with touch screens replacing traditional controls such as radio, heater, A/C, etc.
The touch screen is even more insidious than it at first appears. The driving force behind these silly components was built in satnav. Now a minimum area of dashboard was required to display navigation mapping. That eliminated the dashboard space previously used for proper switches. That's why the touchscreen got invented: to provide a place for electronic versions of analog switches displaced by the real estate occupied by pictures of where you were going.

My particular bugbear is the really idiotic "iPad" type touch screens now multiplying on dashboards like some kind of fungal growth. Ugly and always in your field of vision. Really stupid. If you have to look at a satnav screen so attentively and continuously you really should pull over and read a map. To have to look at the screen to adjust the radio or climate controls is really dangerous.

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