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Originally Posted by Subtle View Post
The advantage was:

No key nor fob--at all.
Completely free of clutter in your pockets.
No worries about loosing the key.
Doubtless it would confuse valet parking guys.

I had a Vauxhall Victor that could be started without the key. One day I pulled the key out but discovered that the lock had become disabled. Twisting the ignition switch without the key in place started the engine from then on. Handy keyless start.

Nobody can seriously suggest that a tumbler lock is more secure, let alone convenient, than a purely electronic keyless start. That's nonsense. With keyless start you cannot start the engine without the correct fob very close by, in your pocket works.

You cannot hotwire one if these cars, not even the factory can do that. And you cannot bypass the lock with barber's scissors or a slide hammer. There isn't one.

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