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I've had a keyless car and it was a great feature.
In my last two years of school I had a Morris Minor convertible. One of the older ones with the flat head engine.
Misplaced my keys one morning so I hot-wired the ignition.
And later came up with the "keyless" feature.
Brit cars then had "trafficators" with the lighted arms that came out on the sides to indicate a turn.
Mine were not working.
And the signal switch, itself, was non-cancelling. It was under the dash.
There was the usual place to insert the ignition key and turn it.
Then you pulled the starter thing, which looked like a choke pull.
Moved the wires from the ignition slot to the turn switch.
No keys needed at all and why bother locking a convertible?
To start:
Turn switch to left-turn.
Pull starter.

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