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Originally Posted by PSk View Post
Marketing wankers ruining the lifes of the many because car designers have run out of ideas, so we play with gimmicks.

Best solution is to ban it, the electric handbrake, the electric park brake, and finally the Start button.
On the contrary, the improvements you identify are engineering. Nothing to do with marketing. Touch screens are marketing gimmicks and hazardous enough to warrant banning. Start buttons are safer (no ignition key to injure occupants in a crash) and far more secure than metal keys (despite internet stories to the contrary the facts are undeniable, you just can't steal a start button equipped car for resale as a complete car).

Electric park brakes are very handy, just not if you insist on driving an antique manual shift car. Even those now have fully automatic hill start software so even old folks can still drive a manual shift if you can find one to buy, that is. The modern Alfa Romeos are automatic only as are most new designs.

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