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Originally Posted by Del View Post
I've read that many of the new keyless systems can be overridden by ingenious thieves, and car manufacturers are working hard to stop this. I'm sure it's just me, lol, but I see no real need for these systems. They end up being even more complicated in order to overcome their initial drawbacks. Meanwhile, my key works just fine for what I need.
Not true. More Internet madness than reality. The devices required to hack a few makers security are hard to get hold of and expensive. The devices boost the transmission of the fob, itself very tricky to arrange given the very short range of modern fob transmitters. Also, the thief still doesn't get the software needed to resell the car. These thefts are not much different to flat decking. Cars boosted in this way are destined for black market parts distribution, itself a dying business because of security embedded in valuable components.

Facts are that car thefts are way down ever since ecu disabling software was instituted.

The complicated part of any modern car is its ecu. Adding keyless entry and ignition to the ecu does not add to complexity already there. Software has transformed car ownership and operation for the better. Maintenance is now frequently limited to oil changes once per year. My 2013 cars require refuelling and once per year oil and filter. That's it. Keyless entry and keyless start are robust technologies. More reliable than the lock and key they replace. Believe it.

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