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Michael Smith
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Yes they do.

Keyless entry is also really handy.

An emergency metal key is still provided but only to open the doors or trunk lid.

Given that current anti theft designs require matching chips in the car and the "key" a metal key is already obsolete.

As for automatic switch off we already have that feature available integrated with stop/start also soon to be ubiquitous. If I undo my seatbelt while my Jaguar engine is stopped in a stop/start cycle the ignition is switched off and the transmission places itself in P.

We are one year away from widespread adoption of 48v engine electrical systems. Stop/start will be integral with that system as the starter, alternator and torque converter or clutch will be replaced by an electric motor. All engines will stop when the vehicle stops and only start up again after the electric motor initially moves the car.

This feature will prove to be very handy. Automatic ignition switch off will occur any time the driver exits the vehicle since there will be no need for the engine to remain on nor the ignition to be on.

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