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Originally Posted by Tom Frasca View Post
Truth be told it takes a real pro to translate 8-10 HP in competition performance. The trick here is anyone can spend money ...but to spend it wisely takes talent and a little experience. So speaking as a fool who did all this nonsense, 5,10,15 even 20 HP on your street car means squat, seek life elsewhere. I now put money into drivability, tuning suspensions, lightning flywheels that were designed for a family sedan, synchronizing first gears, lightening the gearbox rotating masses, better braking, well-done cosmetic enhancement...ah it's just an old near 70 guy thinking out loud..
This "old" 1960s guy is with you.
But in a 101 Spider the mechanical fan robbed HP and worse--was noisy.
Unless you have a show car, get rid of them.
The aluminium ones look good, mount one on the wall of your shop, or den.

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