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Originally Posted by superloaf View Post
How about the stock 2.5 V6? Does it benefit from slight advance of the timing from stock?

I just checked and adjusted my timing in preparation of a smog test and I found the timing to be too advanced so I dialed it back to 7 degrees and now the car seems a little less happy to rev. I think I'll be advancing again once it passes smog but do you have any suggestions for optimal timing for this engine?
Stock advance on the 2.5 Milano is 2 degrees, not 7. Look for the mark on the pulley. If you set it to 7 you won't pass the smog timing check (assuming they do it.)

My old Milano 2.5 was definitely a bit more peppy at 7 static. I didn't go higher than that as I didn't want to risk pinging.


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