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I have the Spruel Headers in my 1750.

The engine has 10:1 overbore Spruel pistons for ~1870 displacement
Custom shorter guides, and new seals. Narrow valve stems (BMW I think). Ported and matched to the intake. Work done by Progressive in WA.
Rj cams: Intake: 429, Exhaust: 776 (11.3 lift)
40DCOE webers with 34mm venturi

135hp @ 7400 rpm according to one dyno.

The issue with these headers so far is clearance and heat. They are coated but still throw a lot of heat and are close to the brake booster and air can for my cross over intake (Euro 68 GTV 1750). I've considered wrapping them or coming up with some sort of heat shield. Still torn on how to go there.

They look very cool and the sound is good except for a distinct drone at 4K. (Talked with Paul and it is common if you run a single silencer) I have the stocks pipes with the rear silencer and a stinger so I may opt to redo the pipes in the same diameter as the header (2.5" I think) and run two Borla or Magnaflow silencers. My friend says it sounds like a Ferrari when you go through the range.

68' Parisian Alfa GTV 1750

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