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Originally Posted by Dave Garfinkel View Post
Spreull 2mm overbore apple bite pistons with the associated liners, spreull aluminum flywheel, 12mm alfaholics cams, ported head, 40 DCOE's, velocity stacks with ITG filter (don't know about performance gains over stock intake but looks and sounds really good...)

Originally Posted by Veep View Post
for TS: if you only want to do it for sound: don`t.... There are more easy ways to get a nice sound, and headers do not contribute that much in total.
*Partially* disagree on that blanket statement, kind sir. Primary lengths do alter the sound significantly, and so does overall header configuration (4 to 1, 4-2-1, etc...)

I bet a Spruell header (equal length 4-2-1) sounds different from a Sperry (equal length 4 to 1), which sounds different from a Shankle/Centerline/Vick's/Alfaholics (slightly unequal length 4 to 1.)

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