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Originally Posted by PocketAce View Post
Will do, was ready to get that done regardless! I can't figure out how the headers hook up to the collector for certain. It looks like the primaries are only secured to the collector by a single bolt on a bracket, which is welded on the lowest primary. Maybe that's another reason why they crack, all that leverage on a single point, etc...

Anyone ever fit a set of Sperry headers with a GTAM side pipe on a S3 Spider? Because that's 100% happening rather soon, unless you tell me it's a terrible idea
sounds like you are building a race spec motor if you are dumping out of the sides with gtam shorty resonator... :-)

sperry's are more race spec due to there 4-1 optimized for higher revs rather than the more street oriented 4-2-1. you pay to play if you plan on your motor living from 5-7.5k
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