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The Bosch ignition system in this car is bullet proof. I still have the original points, my mechanic felt they were better than the aftermarket set I bought. The points have ZERO current drain like a traditional setup. I have this setup in both my 75's. The fuel injection is awesome. Spica Rules. Replacing or rebuilding the present system is the way to go. People even sell modified Bosch CDI's with modern components and they are rebuilt in original cases so there they would not compromise it's originality, Wes Ingram as well as a few other vendors can rebuild the Spica pump as well as the TA. All the components in my car are totality original, never been painted. I only had to change the the clutch master and slave, too pitted for rebuild, but everything else was good, calipers and brake master. It took over 2 1/2 years, but me Pumpkin sings! What a ride! Jeff is the best ALFA mechanic I've ever met, known him for over 30 years. Changing it is stupid in my opinion. Hurts the value?


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