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Originally Posted by Alfa69GTV1750 View Post
......Still don't think this solves the problem of getting rear ended by someone texting....
!!!! I've had this happen 3 times in my Duetto. Rear trunk lids are getting hard to find! The first one was only three days after I bought her new in 1967! Also got rear-ended in my BIG MBZ 560 C! Both of these were a driver adjusting his radio......

One other was by a uninsured and undocumented (illegal) hispanic driver in his employer's Tahoe SUV. He just resented my driving at the speed limit on a residential road. Of course he didn't stop, but I got the plate number and he got a jail assignment. Owner paid for the damage, including shipping a trunk lid from South Africa!

It's obvious why the Kamm-Tail was used on later Alfa Spiders.

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