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Thanks very much for replying; your car is solving several mysteries. I and another person are writing a document in an attempt to identify the driveshaft changes that occurred during the 750 series. Your input is very important.

While the parts manual says that only Berlina used the driveshaft with 10 mm bolts, we did not think that made since with the Sprint coming first. Now your car has verified that the very earliest Sprints also had 10 mm bolts.

Your reply to the question about the removable fork with a picture of the gearbox, makes me ask for you to look at this drawing (my fabrication from part catalog drawings) …….. do you not have a removable fork between the driveshaft section and the flex joint (Giubo)?

Your length of 333 mm + 3 mm for the expected aluminum removable fork would be almost the same as the later 337 mm front Sprint shaft with the fork permanently welded to the shaft (late 750 and all 101). I may have a source for a missing removable fork.

Your gearbox has no "pawl" on the output shaft …… only a nut. The pawl I would have expected is also in the drawing. Maybe this was part of the custom floor shift. Or is could resolve another mystery that some very early gearboxes did not have a pawl. There are several other differences in your photos from the later tunnel case I have.

By the way I have a new-old-stock flex joint for 10 mm bolt application.

Reed C. please chime in.
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