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My Jaguar XF does this from the sunroof seal when dust gets into the area where the rubber seal pushes against the painted metal opening. Any good door seal silicone spray used to clean the seal cures the creaking until the dust returns. I like Aerospace 303.

Other possibilities include door seals and internals and anti roll bar bushings.

The biggest challenge from the driver's seat is locating the source of the noise. Anything in the roof can seem to come from anywhere "up there". Rear door noises can be hard to separate from other creaks or groans. The anti roll bar bushes can sometimes be diagnosed by silicone spray. If the noise disappears or even changes after spraying all six bushings with silicone you will have your culprit. Do them two at a time: each end of one drop link, then the other and last the pesky bar mounting bushings themselves.

Faulty bushings usually squeak more than creak but clunks groans and knocks are also symptoms.

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