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Think of this Ebay listing as a classified ad, nothing more. An online auction with no curator or guarantor is NOT going to be without problems for a buyer who goes in unprepared.
Exactly. And scammers do their best to avoid dealing with prepared, knowledgeable buyers. What they search for instead are people who are willing to naively spend 35k on a car they know absolutely nothing about.

I hate to admit it, but when I was importing cars from Y'urp back-in-the-day I did exactly that. Fortunately, I didn't spend anywhere close to that kind of money but I was still completely naive about buying a old Alfa out of Italy. I thought I was a hot-shot who knew everything, but in fact made every dumb mistake a person can make when buying a car from another country. The 2600 Alfa coupe I bought turned out to be a former police car (it still had radio brackets in the trunk), had been under water (Naples flood, possibly), and was so rusty from one end to the other that it was becoming unsafe to drive. Running on only 5 cylinders, I barely made it home. its one redeeming feature was that it had the ultra rare triple Weber 45 option which was alone worth more than I paid for the whole car. I promptly sold it to a starry eyed guy who convinced himself that he could turn that rust-bucket into a viable car. It sat in his back-yard for a long time before disappearing. I considered the $100 loss I took to be a fair price paid for the lesson learned.

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