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Two true points:

Originally Posted by Fiorentino View Post
Live auctions often don't give any potential buyers a chance to do their due diligence either.
Which is exactly WHY some/many folks an get screwed by their emotions in this situation. Too many examples of this happening. The antidote is a small down payment, a follow-up inspection, and maybe walking away. That adds complexity and risk almost as bad as foreign purchase.

Originally Posted by Fiorentino View Post
In a way, the seller's crazy high "Buy it Now" price is a good thing. It almost guarantees the car will still be with him when the "auction" is over.
This IS the saving grace. It makes it in essence a Classified Ad unless someone is completely star struck.

Jon, you worked in the bunsiness, you are just too jaded and practical about this. Not all are so wise.

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