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Originally Posted by Anfanuts View Post
Sounds pretty sketchy. SOmeone's gonna get screwed.
It's just a used car deal; no one gets screwed. IF one were interested (I am not), they should go look over the car carefully and then make an offer based on what they see, if they're still interested.
Think of this Ebay listing as a classified ad, nothing more. An online auction with no curator or guarantor is NOT going to be without problems for a buyer who goes in unprepared. I'll go ahead and say the same thing about BAT, and I speak from experience. Live auctions often don't give any potential buyers a chance to do their due diligence either. In a way, the seller's crazy high "Buy it Now" price is a good thing. It almost guarantees the car will still be with him when the "auction" is over, and if you want it, perhaps you can negotiate with him, man to man. It takes two to make a bad deal: one to offer it up and another to stick to the crappy ground rules (Ebay "auction" in this case) of the seller. The guy with the money should call the shots, not the other way around.

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