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Originally Posted by vsharp View Post
Hi Steve,
You could also draw the same improbable conclusions for almost any model based on homologated racing options and if, buts & maybes. I doubt that it is any sort of important insight for 1750 owners, other than there was a huge list of race options that could fit across just about any Giulia model platform.
If you really want an all alloy 1750 GTV, just put all your collected alloy body parts onto one of your many cars. It would be a great special project & perhaps you could top it off with your GTA cylinder head & close ratio gearbox from your other white car. That would make it quite something. But alas, not something that might have been coming off the end of the Arese production line back in the day. It almost sounds like the sort of argument of someone who might be trying to convince Historic Racing Officials or classic car market of some unicorn model
Hi Vince,
Regards Steve
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