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Originally Posted by davbert View Post
what a minute, stop press!

you are telling me it had an IRS in the back off a TZ2? i would luv to see this any why hasnt any tried to reproduce a portion of this car sans the complicated steampunk driven superchargers?

sounds like a dream 105 to me...

could it be possible the sliding block was mistaken for IRS type links by the reporter?

Davbert, your dream car really existed
Strange note this one about GTA with independent rear suspension. As a matter of facts, similar car was tested by Servizio Esperienze Speciali in í66, but it was not turbocharged engine and assertion about its power and weight are not true either. The example produced entirely at Servizio Esperienze, without involvement of Autodelta, was supplied with TZ like rear suspension and was developed over steel body GT but with all other GTA components. It was intensively tested at Mugello by Bruno Bonini that left detailed attestation about that car, described in superlative words. It was the price too high for re-elaboration of 105.32 rear suspension project, to stop its further development. Bonini described the carís behaviour as absolutely neutral without understeering tendency that was present in other GT models. My only objection is that it is not likely that any mortal except Bonini ever tried that car, left in disuse and without engine in old Portello deposit.
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