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Originally Posted by Max Pershyn View Post
I do not know if it is true or not, but I read that in 1968 s/n 613997 got 1905cc engine with two hydraulic chargers, dry sump, testa stretta head and monosleeve block. It had 315-325 HP at 7800rpm. It also received multilink suspension from TZ2. The weight of the car - 730 kg, max speed 270 km/h

The source was here. The original text is gone but I have a copy
Sport / Competition - The Alfa Romeo Autodelta GTA
what a minute, stop press!

you are telling me it had an IRS in the back off a TZ2? i would luv to see this any why hasnt any tried to reproduce a portion of this car sans the complicated steampunk driven superchargers?

sounds like a dream 105 to me...

could it be possible the sliding block was mistaken for IRS type links by the reporter?

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