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To remind everyone of where this started, it was the first post by Ladislas asking about alloy body parts & other GTA components for a personal custom build he is doing on a smooth nose 1300 GTJunior with any or as many special parts as he can get. See some of his other postings.
He says that his car has never had any racing history of any kind & prior to the start of custom build is just a stock standard 1300GTJnr....then the thread expanded into improbable speculation (not by Lasidlas). As you said PSK, a little bit of information....
I helped Ladsilas out with some old genuine GTA doors for his project.
I'm sure it will be a very nice personal statement & an exciting car to drive when it is finished.
I think this thread has just about done now. I do wonder why it is even in GTA/GTAm section anyway?
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