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Max Pershyn
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Autodelta was not a factory, it did not have a production line.

It was a racing shop and by the modern standards, full of disorder and dogs from across Milano.
By the 60s early 70s standards it was a very efficient racing shop which could assemble some racing cars (approximately 2 per week) from ready components. Autodelta assembled engines as well.
They were so busy with racing cars that could not afford to borrow their test pilots to Alfa Romeo.

Please read some books about Autodelta, how it was organized, what they did. There were no any chances that Autodelta assembled regular 1750GTV/Am with light alloy body parts for distribution network.
There are no evidences of this. I have some books about Autodelta, Chiti has never mentioned that they assembled 1750 GTV/Am road cars, even in 70s magazines.

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