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Originally Posted by Steve105 View Post
If GTA's are going down the production line at Arese, why are you telling me GTV's with alloy doors and boot lid were not also going down the production line?
Where were the alloy parts? At the factory so they can be installed. Where is the car painted correctly ? at the factory with the alloy parts all ready on it!
As I mentioned before the FIA homologation of 1750 GTAm group 2 is still valid. May be FIA can enlighten us.
Cheers Steve
Steve, you have idealized idea of car production in those years. Yes, GTA was produced at Arese but ONLY in its Stradale (street legal) version, and it existed in every price list available at any AR dealer worldwide, absolutely identic among them and produced with same parts and standards. NOTHING out of existing, standard list could be obtained in dealers shop as ‘keys in hands’ product. In other words, again yes, you had to buy separately the homologated peace and fix it yourself or with qualified help, but not departure out of the factory shop with racing seat, roll cage or anything else already not included in price. Everything considered tuning or particular preparation was at Autodelta pertinence where you could demand ‘personal’ differences and got them paying the right price.
For PsK; Shells destined for official agonistic activity, arrived (officially sold) in their already lightened form to Autodelta. In the factory backyard you could see only joyful dogs playing in their shelters made often with racing body parts, id significant disorder. To understand the atmosphere there, take a look at ‘Autodelta Golden Years’ site by Robert Little. It could clear your ideas.
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