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Originally Posted by Steve105 View Post
Only need a picture of a 1750 GTV/Am on the production line with the hole on the alloy doors as per GTA style door button, just before it goes into the paint dip bath.

Geez Steve you are being optimistic! The few early 1750 GTAms with alloy doors would have had them fitted at the Autodelta workshop after the car was delivered there for conversion, as were any other lightweight panels & special parts.
I know you live in hope & bought that hand made alloy smooth nose panel from Malaysia a while back. I was standing in the workshop where your alloy roof skin was made last year admiring it, and I guess by now you've also bought the full set of other GTA repro panels you were inquiring & costing as well....
Just build your ultimate fantasy lightweight 1750 & enjoy it. You don't have to justify it to the world; unless you are looking for a suitable barn!
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